hello there.

My work is centered on the relationship between the natural and built environment as well as the innovative solutions that can be achieved through technological advancement.

Born in Raleigh, NC, some of my earliest memories are of a beautiful, growing cityscape. However, at a young age, we moved to the rural town of Stoneville, NC, - population 1,000- where I was primarily raised. Getting to live in these cultural extremes I developed an interest in the relationship between the natural and built environment; this has given rise to my passion for sustainable design.

With a mechanic-repairman-tinkerer of a father, I’ve spent most my life in a garage or outside building small projects. Eventually we were lucky enough to have a full wood shop at home. I think this fundamentally kick started my love of fabrication in design.

While pursuing my B.Arch from Carnegie Mellon University I was able to run with these two passions, taking a focus on fabrication and sustainability. I participated in studios that concentrated on prototyping, materiality, detailing, and environmental design. When I wasn’t in studio, I was teaching and working with students in both the College of Fine Arts Wood Shop as well as the Digital Fabrication Lab.

In addition to my tinkering tendencies, my hobbies include black and white photography, playing/listening to music, traveling as much as possible, and constantly spoiling my two dogs, Tobie and Baxter.