Mass Homes

H    o    u    s    i    n    g

Mass Unit Housing

Year 3, Semester 1

Coordinator: Dana Cupkova

Studio Instructors: Matthew Huber, Nick Liadis

This design works to create an inward focused environment with ample green space, communal activity, recreational zones, as well as a variety of living styles. The housing options aid the occupants to retain a sense of independence while living in communal housing. Each homes personalized pivot gives it a unique relationship to the sun and views of the Strip District, Allegheny River, and Downtown Pittsburgh. Some homes are geared to greener lifesyles, some geared more so to socializing, but all geared at moving away from the city’s dissonance and moving towards a unified community. The project also works to reinvigorate Pittsburgh’s relationship with the Allegheny and promote a variety of recreational activities, such as fishing, biking, and one day, swimming. Ecological components, such as bioswales, green roofs and careful landscaping choices would work to clean the water to a point where human interaction with the river can go from being a health risk to an encouraged pass time. Overall, the project interprets a future community of Pittsburgh and the potentials of green living.