Green House

G  R  E  E  N    H  O  U  S  E


Year 2, Semester 1

Coordinator: Jeremy Ficca

Studio Instructor: Mick McNutt

Group: Shannon Earnest, Daniel Ha, Scott Holmes, Kris Li, Kirk Newton

This design creates a built environment for the optimal growth of plants during the winter. The structure is meant to extend the growing season for the communal Octopus Garden in Friendship, Pittsburgh. Taking into consideration various planter beds of approximately four feet by ten feet (with up to a six inch difference from bed to bed), the structure was designed to fit on any of the prescribed planting areas. This was accomplished by utilizing the compressive qualities of light weight conduit. The final work is collapsible, easily carried, and uses all off-the-shelf plumbing and electrical products for easy storage and replacement. In cross-section, the structure hooks to the inside lip of the planter bed and pushes outward. Longitudinally, the diagonal ribs and pivoting nature of the joint hubs allow for expansion. In using these angled bays, the canopy promotes water collection at multiple points. 
By using this modular system, a flexible, easily stored structure was created. The final piece is still in place at the Octopus Garden today and is said to be a huge success.