Museo de Architectura

museo de architectura

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museo de madrid

Year 4, Semester 2

Architectural Detailing Studio

studio Instructor: Gerard Damiani

guest Instructor: mauricio bertet

One of the main boulevards of Madrid, the Paseo del Prado is known for it's remarkable museums, green space and beautiful juxtaposition of historical architecture and modern urbanism. Sited adjacent to Herzog and deMeuron's CaixaForum, this project sought to 1) redesign a rather uninteresting abandoned early 20th century mixed use building 2) challenge the use of architectural detailing to begin to bridge the relationship of old and new structures, and 3) envision what a museum for architecture for the 21st century might look like. Referred to as the "Paseo del Parásito" this truss like pathway works with the Caixaforums plaza, utilizing a path that meanders throughout the building and is mean to give a free, informative experience of the architecture of today back to the public of Madrid.