C     I     N     E     M    A

Boston Cinematek

Year 2, Semester 2

Coordinator: Jeremy Ficca

Studio Instructor: Jeffrey King

    This project focuses on a sense of community, where people with various interests and uses of space, maintain a sense of togetherness in a single, holistic vessel. The building uses a theater core, where the smaller theater is actually inset within the larger theater and the two work together for non-movie societal functions. The two theaters are separate and distinct, yet the upper theaters screen is removable and creates a single, two-tiered 180 person theater. The space around the theater core revolve around it and actual pierce the shell of the core. At these wall segments, openings are presented in exact slivers, based on the users visual needs (such as the administrative offices needing to see the screen and people entering in order to maintain a well-functioning theater or the people in the learning center focusing on peoples faces in order to show how cinema can alter the human perception).
    The hope is that this type of environment would allow the community to become more involved with one another and steer away from the typical individualized experience of most theaters today.