Lustre Fashion

L     U     S     T     R     E


Year 3, Semester 2

Independent Study Adviser: Richard Tursky

Partners: Carolina Tamayo + Rehan Butt

Sponsor: Yupo Paper

“Lustre”: the way light interacts with the surface of a crystal, rock, or mineral. 

Our collection, “Lustre”, is inspired by geological formations. The line is inspired by the singular moment when a geode is split open, revealing colorful crystals within.  With this in mind, the line showcases a natural progression of breaking down, perforating and shattering the rigid, rock-like structure of tessellated Yupo Paper, to reveal from underneath the free flowing fabrics of iridescent silk. 

This concept is directly linked to the idea of clothing being a shell of the human form that socially delineates cultures and that only by breaking open this shell, and the prejudicial implications that go with it, can we reveal the true being within.