Row House

R   O   W    H   O   U   S   E


Year 1, Semester 2

Coordinator: Kai Gutschow

Studio Instructor: Freddie Croche, Donna Ficca

In this project we were asked to create a Row House for an older married couple of artists in the Garfield district of Pittsburgh, PA. The home is meant to fit within the context of the surrounding neighborhood while preserving its sense of self-identity. My design was focused on indoor and outdoor transparencies, a core of service spaces and extremely open, occupiable spaces. The home is divided into three intersecting volumes: public, work, and relaxation. The home includes artistic spaces, more private spaces that focus on views, and a rooftop garden space.

During this project we were also asked to create an artistic, modular tile that altered the environment of the home. My tile design was meant to be emblematic of downtown Pittsburgh's city-scape. The tile was place within the bedroom, where this view of downtown is best showcased. The tile would be made out of copper and act as a water feature. The copper would change and age with the home, while the couple enjoyed retirement.