STEAMbox School


As an addition to the Ellis School for Girls, the STEAMbox Education Center is created as a prototype of a sustainable future for education. Modular classroom components are interchangeable within a larger spine framework that allows for expansion, flexibility and, most of all, creativity. Using biophilic methodologies, each classroom module is seen as an organ to aid in the betterment of the overall ecosystem. One module may act as the electrical hub or “brain” of the facility and allow students to manipulate the shading devices along the exterior and analyze the integrated photovoltaics within the glass atrium. Another module works as the digestive system, teaching students about their own health while interacting with the health of the building, through green roofs and their thermal benefits, water collection and reuse, as well as gray and black water treatment. A track loops around the structure, that houses monitors and information stations for the geothermal wells that actively work below, while the front lawn houses planter beds so that students can work with nature to grow, harvest and cook food for the entire facility.

Year 5, Semester 2

Sustainability Studio

studio Instructor: Vivian Loftness